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So why 3?

Because it’s the magic number?

Because it worked out well for the Three Musketeers?

Because we kinda like referring to ourselves as the holy trinity?


Yes, yes and hells yes.

Plus, the skillsets we’ve combined, make us like a micro agency.

We strategize, we get ideas, we write, we art direct, we photograph,

we film, we edit and we kick ass at beerpong.

From start to finish, we’re your guys (and well, girl).


So to sum it up:

You get more bang for your buck. Which is kinda awesome.

Looking for trouble?



For a good time, call Jesper:

+45 22736786


If Andreas doesn't deliver within 30 minutes, he's free:

+45 22162280


To complain about either of the above services, Christina is standing by:

+45 29848231

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