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United Against Abuse

In an interactive campaign on Instagram, a group of Denmark's biggest influencers become more beaten and bruised as you tap through their private Instagram stories.

The campaign “United Against Abuse” was an intense first-hand experience of something that usually happens behind closed doors. Every year 38,000 women in Denmark suffer domestic abuse. And this campaign helped Danner cut through all the noise of social media.

And with a 100 % organic campaign reach, the campaign reached over 1.7 million people - without taking money from where it is really needed.


Use of Interaction (Wood Pencil)

Use of Talent and Influencers (Shortlist)

Cannes Lions

Best use of social platform (Shortlist)


Experimental (Winner)

WARC Media Awards

Best use of tech (Bronze)

Behind the Scenes

In collaboration with MediaCom Beyond Advertising

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