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Intense, chili infused shots with a high alcohol percentage, that's ready to take you out!

SHOT is (clearly) inspired by celebrity assasinations. The fewer the bullets, the stronger the shot.

How many SHOTs can you take before you're left on the ground with nothing but darkness?

Giftwrap and Party Pack

As this obviously will be the hottest gift choice among frenemies, SHOT can be beautifully giftwrapped in this handy bodybag.

And if you buy our party pack, you get all three SHOT variations and SHOT gun that’s sure to spice up every party.

Just fill it up with SHOT and tell your friends to open up!


Instagram #gotshot

Get ready with that camera! These super strong and spicy shots will make you wanna capture all that glorious suffering.

The best reactions will be chosen each month and that poor lucky bastard will get what's coming to him.


SHOT isn't only for shots. You can also make delicious drinks that are sure to pack a punch.

Chip Shop Awards

Most likely to get Chip Shop up shit creek (Shortlist)

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