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We do a lot of stuff, so here's a little collection of some of it!

Equal Inventions (Online Film)

Cannes Young Lions Competition brief: Make a film that encourages people to support gender equality. 34 hours from briefing to delivery. 

Cannes Young Lions Competition

Film (Gold)

LEGO (Ambient)

Celebrating the amazing world of LEGO - one bus at a time.

Grab A Pussy (Print)

Featuring everyone's favorite pussy-conscious president!

Chip Shop Awards

Best charity ad (Shortlist)

The Anti Trump Art Show

Featured artwork

MicroFun (Online Film)

Using green screen, computer power and creative minds we create over-the-top micro movies showing a world of fun brought to life by the Microsoft Surface.

D&AD New Blood Awards

Microsoft (Wood Pencil)

Specsavers (Ambient)

Using the bottom of swimming pools, we promote what Specsavers is all about.

Chip Shop Awards

Best use of ambient (Shortlist)

Protect Your Valuables (Ambient)

An ambient that connects Alka (a Danish insurance company) with the best Danish soccer league, the Alka Superliga.

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